Thursday, January 9, 2020

Solo Rpg with Freebooters on the Frontier and Mythic (the proposal)

I am 100% going to rip off this guy’s idea to use Mythic Game Master Emulator to play a solo game of Freebooters on the Frontier. I had only vaguely heard about folks playing pen and paper RPGs solo, but I had no idea there were systems and other games a person could use to achieve this. So thank you dude at, I am totally going to attempt to do the same thing you did.

The plan is to use the Mythic Game Master Emulator Deck ( to handle the Game Master emulation. I purchased and read both the original version and the playing card version and I think the playing card version looked like it would be more fun to play. I will also be using the 2nd edition version of Freebooters on the Frontier ( This version is still a work in progress and it has been made available to folks who would like to play test it. I like the 2nd edition because it includes a whole lot of systems and features found in Perilous Wilds ( and integrates them into Freebooters. 

As for the tools I plan to use, I liked how the dude who’s idea I am ripping off used Rory Story Cubes to help with inspiration and I will try to do something similar as well. Lastly, I want to organize my maps and character sheets and, using a program called Concepts ( The infinite canvas feature in Concepts makes me think of a giant white maker board that I can doodle on and pin paper to and I thought it might look cool to keep all of that info in something like that. I’ll append the Concepts file to the end of every post I make for this Solo Rpg so folks can track my progress. 

In the next post, I’ll create my character and get things started.

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